DNA Africa Course Overview

You're invited to this 3-day live DNA Module One workshop with Allan Mutiibwa in Kampala.

Change the way you think about assessment and interaction with your clients. 

Included in the course fee:

  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ manual
  • Library of movement work to develop assessment vernacular
  • Supplementary course handouts
  • Video lectures and demonstrations

There will be plenty of time for experiential learning with clients/case studies. We’ll coordinate these efforts as we move along the process. 

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About Mutiibwa

My Mission

My mission is simple. I help you make sense out of your unique pain experience. Together, we seek to create a perfect storm for the body and mind to heal itself. Everyone wants to know how I got into the details of this kind of work. It's not the average or traditional kind of work. Around 2019, I was done. Although I was so passionate and good at what I did, I was tired of people coming back with the same issues. I knew I was missing something and that's when the search for what was missing in my treatments began. I attended a muscle testing seminar in Dubai, 2019 and learned about muscle relationships, how the nervous system works and about the body's compensatory strategies. This was very important to me as I figured out why we get into pain. I further dove into the neuro-sandbox and down the rabbit hole when friends introduced me to more advanced nervous system work and Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment. I further learned about subtle assessment of the nervous system, movement assessment, lymphatics, cranial work, energy work, hypnotherapy, emotions and trauma, the psychology of our core self, our physiology, hormones, Chinese Medicine, Dermoneuromodulating and plenty of other trainings learning from different teachers. This collective knowledge gave me a lot of insight into how to be of help to my patients and am currently happy with where i am with my own practice. I have been able to put a finger on many of my patients' issues and get them out of the chronic pain puzzle. I am however, still learning and exploring all things human. As a therapist, my role is to listen to your story and to provide education and insight into what you may be currently experiencing so that you can understand how and why your situation has brought you to where you are. I am here to help guide and support you in finding balance by discovering the missing pieces holding you back in your recovery, performance and general well being.